Your Two Cents’ Worth

La Cruz

I was nearly run over twice while in the middle of crosswalks on La Cruz this week. It is an extremely busy street with the post office, 2 schools, the popular Palisades Cafe. Drivers need to pay more attention, or should this Street be designated as Pedestrian Only, before there is a fatality.


The LAPD substation at Caruso’s Village is open! Yay!

Leaf Blower

I applaud the young students who protested inaction on the climate crisis last week.  And a good first step would be for them to ask their parents to ask their gardeners to stop using gas leaf blowers. They are illegal and terrible for the environment. And anyone who sees a gas leaf blower being used should report it by sending an email to They will send a letter to the homeowner informing them that it’s illegal. It’s a small step, but it’s something, anyway.

Leaf Blower II

What if, instead of having illegal gas-powered leaf blowers around town, we remove the trees that shed the most leaves? Seems to solve the problem!


Bracelet found on September 30 on Alma Real Drive. Call 310-454-1321 to describe.

Around Town

I just finished an afternoon walk through Palisades Village and naysayers can complain all they want but I saw a senior woman reading a book in an oversized chair, kids completing their homework at a table and young professionals sipping coffee with their laptops open in front of them scattered throughout. Sure, it wasn’t filled to the brim with customers with shopping bags, but isn’t this what it is all about? The only part I did not like was that the park area is closed AGAIN. Has it been open or closed for more time since Palisades Village opened?


WE LOVE YOU LAFD! Thank you for keeping our community safe!

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