Your Two Cents’ Worth


I lost a gold necklace with a flip flop charm somewhere in the Village or in the new Palisades Village. Please call 310-454-6774 if you have found it. Reward.


One doesn’t need to be a Republican to understand the evils of socialism—one needs common sense. Just look at Hong Kong and the evil of what they are fighting against.


I love the Post—best local paper ever. But do we have to have all these mean spirited letters about national politics?


Survival of the fittest? Will three workout clothing stores survive or fight it out at Palisades Village?


People, stop looking at your phones when crossing streets—be safe, cars can come out of nowhere.  Don’t wait for a tragedy.

Jack in the Box

It seems like there is a lot of opposition for the Jack in the Box project, but wouldn’t something be better than what is there now? It’s an eyesore every time I drive by and if you ask me, what the developer has planned doesn’t sound all that bad.


I thought it was just me but I keep seeing posts that cellphone service is getting worse in the Palisades. My calls keep getting dropped and it is getting so frustrating.


Another brush fire burning in Malibu is making me nervous. I’m not sure the Palisades is ready for anything bigger than a few acres in the Highlands.


How is it already pumpkin spice season? Does it start earlier each year? I have started seeing holiday decoration stuff out at stores already. It is too early!

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