Your Two Cents’ Worth


We were so disappointed with the article announcing Cathleen as the new head of the John Tracy Center. Definitely not because of Cathleen who we are so proud of but because there is no mention of her maiden name anywhere in the article. She is the youngest beloved child of Diane Carpenter and the late Mike Carpenter. The second, uncaptioned picture features Mike with baby Cathleen on his back. We can’t imagine why you chose not to label it. You will never have a top-rated community newspaper with this kind of reporting.


I noticed Palisades Village advertised a “mindful” event with a chance to meet Deepak Chopra. Imagine my surprise when it was actually Dr. Deepika Chopra. Big difference.


It is so special that our community has a weekly newspaper.  Thank you for your service to and support of our community.


I saw a post about construction crews smoking up in The Highlands, the person said they saw two workers smoking and picked up four cigarette butts. They also put up a note warning the workers about the dangers of smoking in that area, as it could cause a major brush fire. Scary to think that it could happen anytime!


Erewhon really has an 8 ounce bag of chips for $24?! There is a line and I think we are crossing it. I recognize the need for it here, as the store is always busy when I go in, but wow.


I saw two young girls sharing a scooter and riding down Alma Real, neither of which had on a helmet. This is very, very dangerous, and also breaks two of the rules. I hope their parents talk to them about scooter safety.


Is it just me or do drivers get worse over summer? I swear, the number of times I have had to slam on my breaks this week has been exponentially higher than usual. My biggest pet peeve is when someone is in a minor accident, they don’t pull over to the side of the road, blocking traffic even more than they have to!

Skate Park

Why isn’t there a skate park in the Palisades? There is a father and son who spoke at a recent community meeting. I see they made the community council agenda for their next meeting, I’m glad they are being taken seriously. Our kids deserve a safe space to skate.

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