Your Two Cents’ Worth

Marquez Knolls

Our views in the Marquez Knolls area are slowly but surely being obliterated by the new housing structures that seem to keep getting bigger and bigger! Your recent article in the July 18th addition titled “Court Reverses Decision on Ocean View Dispute” was very discouraging. Seems like other Palisades neighborhoods are much better protected by their CC&R’s!


Beware of the banana nut muffins at CVS: I opened one for breakfast yesterday and it was moldy!


The FBI is searching DWP headquarters—that’s a good start but as long as they’re in the neighborhood they might want to check out few other city offices.


This week I am grateful for air conditioning, and hoping for summer showers!


I downloaded the Citizen app to notify me when there’s activity nearby, but I rarely get notifications. Is my phone broken or is there not much to alert me about?

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