Your Two Cents’ Worth

Palisades Chutzpah

A new example of Palisades privilege (from the Latin for “private law,” as in the Motor Vehicle does not apply to Palisadians)—while sitting at Sunset and Via de la Paz waiting for the left turn light, I watched in amazement as a dark-haired woman driving a blue VW Golf turned right onto Sunset nearly hitting a woman pedestrian crossing on the “walk” signal, and blew the horn at the pedestrian!  As I returned a few minutes later on Sunset I saw the same driver standing at the B of A ATM with her blue VW Golf with its lights flashing, double-parked in the street!!


To the person that wondered if the rat population would explode with the banning of rat poison: One should never use rat poison! The rat ingests the poison and from there it goes up the food chain to larger animals that eat the rat.


The first hot weekend of the year and there were already two brush fires in LA County. Luckily this time they were small—but next time, we may not be.


The City needs to stop the illegal dumping of cut trees on Temescal Canyon. Laws should be enforced. The constant ugliness and dangerous sidewalks are beyond belief.


It makes me so mad when I see a dog being walked off leash, and I think it’s happening more and more now, especially at the rec center. Do people know it’s against the law???


I miss spring already. It’s going to be a long, hot summer.