Your Two Cents’ Worth


Wow! The island at Bowdoin and Temescal is looking great! When did that happen?! Thanks!


In response to the racial attack at Ralphs a few weeks ago, the pastor called the person “evil” a couple of times in the article. Why don’t they think this person might be sick, not evil?


Still impatiently waiting to see what’s going into the Norris space. We are really looking forward to having something useful again in the space (we hope!).


Now that Chautauqua has been repaved, the timing of the light seems off and much shorter. Am I imagining this or have others had the same experience?


I’ve been seeing a motorcycle police patrol parked in the Palisades in the morning at various intersections—so, speeders beware and slow down! Speeding is dangerous and tickets are expensive.


Has the Post done an investigation into if Palisades Village has made any money? Whenever I go by, it’s empty.