Your Two Cents’ Worth

Measure EE

In response to the person complaining about Measure EE, there is much incorrect in your short post, but I’ll respond directly to only one thing: It is impossible for students to be bused “in from L.A.” to the Palisades. Hate to break it to you, but the Palisades IS in L.A. THAT’s the city in which you live, not “Pacific Palisades,” and all of the students at Pali High contribute to the great place it is. Vote for or against EE on its merits, but keep the dog-whistle of “busing” out of the debate.


Please do not eliminate the sports section. I enjoy the coverage of our local youth that we cannot get anywhere else. I have children at Pali High that participate in sports and I subscribe to the Palisadian-Post mainly for that reason. Steve Galluzzo does an amazing job covering these young athletes.


Let’s acknowledge that safety for pedestrians and drivers in our community is a top priority for all. However, the PPCC’s declared war on electric scooters shows its incompetence and lack of understanding of where the world is heading. Scooter services like Bird and Lime are part of a broader drive to positively reshape urban and suburban transportation. The fact that a local priest was injured in a collision with a scooter is horrible, we all agree. But this is not Lime’s fault, its the fault of the reckless scooter driver. The PPCC’s war is the same type of short sightedness, greed and ignorance that destroyed LA’s once massive street car system. Look where that got us as a city. PPCC you are only exasperating problems, not solving them.


Concerning this racial “attack”, which version is the story? The Pali Post article or the next door blog. They are different. Are we looking for a license plate #? Has the store video been released to see if we recognize the attacker? That church hasn’t been that full in years. Were some Ralphs witnesses there?


Some of the threads on Nextdoor become a bit overwrought, especially when instead of focusing on the issue at hand, a debate ensues about whether the issue is Nextdoor-worthy. Someone takes a heavy hand and declares we have bigger global issues. Of course we do. And we can insert ourselves into a global dialogue elsewhere. Nextdoor is specifically for local issues.

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