Your Two Cents’ Worth

Car Wash

How can the Palisades Car Wash be so pokey?

Sumo Dog

What ever happened to the hot dog cart at CarusoVille?

(Editor’s Note: The Palisadian-Post reported in November that “plans and permits” were still being finalized, according to Sumo Dog owner Jeffrey Lunak.)

Pharmacy Options 

In addition to Pharmaca, there are a number of neighborhood pharmacies in the Palisades that provide friendly, knowledgeable and personal service. They can even provide your prescription by phone to another pharmacy-chain or neighborhood-for refills if you are traveling.

Unfair Measure EE

It is unfair to tax Palisadian property owners for problems at Pali High regarding over-sized classrooms, etc. What about all the students that are bused in from L.A. Why should the total burden fall on Palisades Property owners?


Beware of this female barista at the Village Starbucks. If you’re lucky enough to be graced by her very rude and irritating nature, she will have you leaving the establishment feeling angry and resentful. Before you order, she will not take the time to say hi or at least give you a smile (not even a fake one). Soon as she finishes taking your order like a robot, she will just walk away without saying “anything else?” or a simple “Thank you, have a nice day.” How or why is this person even working here? Starbucks, we pay good money for your coffee, can’t you do better?!


In response to the writer worried about potential restaurant closures in Carusoville; there were already too many restaurants (especially Italian) in the Palisades before Carusoville. That none of the existing restaurants were regularly packed clearly shows that there isn’t enough of market here to healthily sustain the business of the existing restaurants, much less a batch of newcomers.  Plus the Carusoville tenants probably pay multiples higher in rent, etc. Without a conga-line of customers, it’s doubtful that they can make a profit. Restaurants may stick it out longer due to the high cost of their build-outs, but don’t be surprised if at least one throws in the towel before the end of the year.

Lawn Signs

Professionally printed “lawn signs” advertising everything from mattress sales to X-mas lights are being stuck regularly in the beautifully cared-for Sunset median at Chautauqua, and all over town. The old locals in my neighborhood pluck them up immediately and throw them away.  My neighbor asked me to write to the paper and say:  “Stop making our community ugly with your free advertising!”


So simple it’s beautiful:   Dump water on canyons, forests, fields and mountains BEFORE fires start at a fraction of the cost of the Woolsey wildfire.

Bird Found

Yellow Female Parakeet found on Floresta Place, has left ankle banded. Please email Jennifer Taghibagi at

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