Your Two Cents’ Worth


For $38,000 a month, wait till the very upscale renters get a listen to the motorcycle mayhem on Wednesday night and Sundays on Sunset Speedway!

Rent II

I didn’t find the $38,000 asking rent surprising. Palisadians know Caruso can’t get a fraction of that amount, but he thinks he can, and the asking rent is entirely consistent with him having zero understanding of our town from day 1. Like bringing Chanel, setting off fireworks after 11:15 pm on a school/work night to welcome himself to the community, flying his noisy helicopter low over the site several times per week, wearing silly dark formal suits & ties in our casual town, naming his development the identical name that refers to our entire village area. He doesn’t get it, he doesn’t want to get it and he is never going to get it.

Rent III

Best Caruso quote yet (regarding the $38,000 rent) “breathtaking views overlooking Sunset Blvd.” I’ve always dreamed of having a view of one of the busiest and loudest streets in LA. It’s breathtaking all right; especially around 10 pm on Wednesday nights. Good luck getting $38,000 per month.


Why is there no street cleaning in the Highlands? Gutters get full of debris, and algae growing in the still water that piles up.


Absolutely loved seeing all the Corpus Christi students and staff in their Dodger gear Friday. What a terrific idea to have a Dodger day!

Music I

To the grumblers about the music at Caruso Village, it’s always going to be something, isn’t it?

Music II

Mr. Caruso, I love, love, love the music in the new village! It brightens a street that used to be a dilapidated ghost town.

Music III

I want to add my 2 cents to the discussion. I like the piped in music very much; I find it soothing and pleasant. I also liked the live music every weekend in the Palisades Village park area and was sorry to see it go. I took an informal poll of my neighbors in the Alphabets and they like it too!


Caruso did such a beautiful job with the landscaping at Palisades Village.  The mature trees, the colorful flowers and shrubbery are all so pretty and so full. No waiting for things to grow. Well done!


I couldn’t agree less with the column and her longwinded critique of the “Steadfast” statue.

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