Your Two Cents’ Worth


WOW!! How offensive to purposely omit Easter when describing your event at the park. You inserted Happy Hopping and Spring Bunnies instead of saying Happy Easter and Easter Bunnies. As a Catholic, it was a slap in the face and another attempt to blatantly erase Christ from our society. Easter is one of the holiest holidays for Christians. Shame on your cheap attempt to degrade Easter and your fellow Christian Palisadians.


Many Palisadians rely on the pharmacy at CVS. It is concerning that the pharmacy is very under-staffed. It takes more than a half hour for them to answer the phone, hours to fill a prescription and there are always long lines with disgruntled people. Please contact CVS corporate and let them know that you are concerned as well.


Hopefully the Post will publish many more stories about the activities of the Palisades students which are not connected to sports. There is so much going on, particularly at Pali High, that is not covered.


Losing Arnie was a tremendous loss for the community. He was a wonderful man and a true Palisades treasure. It was a privelage to know him, there was nobody like Arnie—here in the Palisades or anywhere.

Fair Weather

I cannot keep up with this weather. Do I put my winter boots away? Do I keep them out? Where is our warmer weather!


I have loved the current goat show and I will be sad to see them go!