Your Two Cents’ Worth

Stolen Card

Pickpocket ring working at a local restaurant’s bar! Watch your purses and wallets. After stealing 3 of my credit cards they had the gall to charge their $348 bar tab on my card! The next morning they hit Rodeo Dr and got more than $10k worth of goods before being shut down. I asked the restaurant for the video footage so I could file a police report….they were less than helpful. The new manager didn’t even call me back.


I’m a subscriber and I am requesting that the paper do more local news of kids and less real estate. Also more environmental stories.


Once again power is out in El Medio bluffs but I doubt anywhere else in the Palisades.

Power II

I hope the inconvenience and lengthy power outage this morning will make opponents of DWP project to supply more power to the Palisades, which is essential, especially because of the super-sizing of what used to be small houses


I have had the wonderful privilege of visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on several occasions. Each visit was such a life changing experience. Now the world has pulled together with almost spontaneous and truly generous donations to fund the rebuilding of the Cathedral. I am going to create a go-fund campaign to help raise much needed funds to send to Paris to help rebuild the Cathedral. Stay tuned.


I dislike the scooters that are left just anywhere. They are a danger. Last Saturday, April 13, my pastor was leaving the rectory when a person on a Bird scooter ran into him and he fell to the pavement. He received lacerations on his head and was taken to the emergency room. Recently, one of my grandsons had ankle broken as a result of riding on one of the scooters. I hope they will be banned from the Palisades.


How about bringing in a Target store to take over the movie theater after they close? Everyone loves Target!


I propose a compact between the State of California and the State of Texas to allocate electoral votes proportionate to the popular vote. Although this would not have affected the 2016 election (Trump got 41% of the combined electoral vote with 42% of the vote in these two states) it would make presidential candidates pay attention to these two states, unlike the current situation.

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