Your Two Cents’ Worth


I miss Pinocchio’s restaurant, but I understand that an Italian restaurant will be opening up in its place. There are several good restaurants in the Palisades, but I’ll always try a new one, it might be very good.


I’ve been told that the Palisades library volunteers toss away books that are contributed for book sales and are not in top condition. They are put in a recycle bin. They previously put books that are less than top condition in a free box outside the library. They should resume that. It is a real shame to toss away readable books that someone else would like. Is the tossing true?

Leaf Blowers

15 MINUTES OF A GAS LEAF BLOWER = SAME EXHAUST AS A GAS CAR TRIP TO SAN FRANCISCO. That is why a local family fought for years to ban gas blowers in LA County. LAPD doesn’t have time to enforce the law, but you can help! Email: with the home address & day/time of use. Or get MyLA311 from the App Store and it takes seconds to report blowers, potholes and more.


Caruso deserves credit for promising that traffic would not increase. He was right. No customers = no traffic. Few cars. Fewer people. Plenty of street parking available 24/7.


Caruso’s Palisades misadventure reminds me of Wal-Mart’s failed expansion into Germany. They both expanded without ever taking the time to understand the local culture. After a few years, Wal-Mart admitted failure and packed their bags. We should be so lucky.


Edo Little Bites is the best thing that has happened to the Palisades in the last 20 years. Everything we have tried there is sensational!

Pali High

I recently read a conversation on Nextdoor of a grandparent complaining that he can’t bring a grandchild to the Pali High campus during the day to play. Seriously? Of course you can’t do that, how would we keep our children safe? Every person that enters that campus should be there for a reason, it’s not worth the risk. If you want a place to play, check out Palisades Recreation Center.


I’m curious why the department of Rec and Parks thinks it’s a good idea to move the Rec center’s dumpsters from one populated area of the Palisades to another along Temescal. Is there no better place to move them?

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