Your Two Cents’ Worth


Here is my 2 cents: As a long-term Post subscriber, I’m quite surprised that the Palisadian-Post so far has not published a submitted article about the Palisades High (it’s in Pali) on its Academic Decathlon team that finished 11th/550 CA schools at States and ranked 35th nationally (out of approx 5,000 teams) with some key awards. Yet, I do see about seven sports articles weekly and your cover is devoted to “talent” in Pacific Palisades. Are we sending the community the wrong message that sports and talent shows are far more important than academic achievement and a top finish at states in more than half a decade? Entertainment is trumping education … That is my “2 cents” anyway!

(Editor’s note: We were working on a story about the team, which is in this week’s Pali Life.)


No one was bashing the Walmart heiress for closing her store, it was how she reportedly treated the employees in the process that was the problem. Such employers should not be welcome here.

Palisades Village

Note to Caruso – After 4 store closings last month and several more coming, I’m sure you have now learned we are a small sleepy town. Never going to be a destination. Only ones to ever succeed here are nail salons, banks, coffee shops and reasonably priced restaurants.


I recently learned that City Councilman Mike Bonin wants to impound taxi and TNC vehicles. Criminalizing hard-working, low-wage people isn’t why he was elected. I’d rather he fix the homeless and traffic problems that continue to plague our hamlet.


I noticed Gelson’s is now using a non-plastic container for their salad bar. I want to commend them for taking this step. Wouldn’t it be great if they stopped offering plastic bags in the produce section and at check out. I use mesh bags for my produce and reusable cloth bags for check out. Yay Gelson’s!

Pali High

Palisades High School is now requiring parents to show originals and also provide copies of more than ten separate personal documents like their income tax returns, W2s, medical records and bank statements in order to enroll their children as freshman for the 2019-2020 school year. Parents are waiting in line more than an hour to meet this requirement only to be turned away because one of the documents presented does not contain an address or otherwise does not meet the not-well-explained standards established by the Attendance Office.


Wow! The tree trash along Temescal is the worst I’ve ever seen. It was getting better for a long time, but it appears to have tripled in size overnight.