Your Two Cents’ Worth


With all the speculation about why Vintage closed, no one mentioned that perhaps they simply couldn’t pay the rent. It was not very busy. No one seemed to do regular grocery shopping there, and some readers didn’t even realize there was free 1 hr. parking on P1 right next to the dedicated elevator. While Trader Joe’s is great, ever try to park at or drive near one? Why will it take so long for Erewhon to open? I hear their hot bar is even better than Vintage. So sad for the employees who were not treated with respect or caring. Adios Walmart heiress, and don’t come back!


Pls bring back the rain gauge!!!!


Four more businesses closed…and that’s just this month! CarusoVille has almost as many vacancies as when that crazy family trust owned Swarthmore!


My favorite comment on the Pali-Post Facebook about General Porpoise closing: Not a big surprise—Palisades women don’t eat donuts (at least, not in public).


What is with the yellow lanterns that are on display along Topanga Canyon?

(Editor’s note: They were placed by Caltrans to mark where birds could be nesting or a particular species of native plants are growing during an emergency slope repair project.)

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