Your Two Cents’ Worth

Trader Joe’s

Mr. Caruso: For immediate and lasting success, please replace Vintage Grocers with Trader Joe’s as previously requested by Palisadians at your Pali High meeting.


I do a lot of walking in the Palisades, and it provides a constant reminder that many of our neighbors think that they’re too important to actually stop at STOP signs.  Today at about 7:25 a.m., for the second time in less than a week, I saw a young female driver in a black Audi Q3, headed toward Sunset on Carey, just blow through the stop sign at the Hartzell intersection. This isn’t a common “California Roll”—she slows down from about 30 to maybe 25 as she hits the intersection. I hope her parents read this rant—this entitled brat needs to learn some humility, and quickly.

More Potatoes

“Potatoes” takes the prize for most hilarious item ever posted in Two Cents. Is this a First World Problem or what? When I want a good baked potato, I purchase one at the grocery store and bake it in my oven. It takes maybe an hour at 350 degrees, but you can do a bunch at one time. Have a party and invite your friends! The potato is done when you can pierce it with a fork. My preferred lo-fat topping is salsa, something those fancy steak houses don’t offer.


I sadly agree—our westside lifestyle has been “robbed of its quietude” by the FAA’s horrific Metroplex Plan. Try relaxing on the Temescal Park field or the beach if you don’t believe it—it’s like an all day sound bath from hell. I say shame on Representative Ted Lieu and Councilmember Mike Bonin for not making so much as a peep.


I’m so sad about Vintage Grocers closing. Their hot bar was everything. While Paige Laurie had no local presence, the employees, though the store only spent a short time in the community, will be greatly missed.

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