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The Amazon bookstore is the most cluttered, uninviting “bookstore” that I have ever seen. Just looking in the front window makes me want to walk away. I have photos of some cozy ones if they would like ideas.


I’m going to be so upset if a real estate office moves into the Norris space. I want something useful! No more real estate or coffee shops please.

Flight I

Last week’s writer should know that a dedicated Santa Monica Canyon resident, Debbie Warfel, has worked since October 2015 to fight the noise. She organized a campaign to contact elected officials and the FAA and attend airport meetings. Contact the Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association for information on their lawsuit etc. I agree, we in the Palisades did not choose to live next to the airport. The noise IS hideous, but community efforts have been underway for years.

(Editor’s note: See this week’s letter to the editor from Debbie for more information.)

Flight II

Many people are noticing the extremely loud noise from the frequent and low flying aircraft. Go to website, scroll down and click on the tab entitled “Help End Aircraft Noise Over Our Canyon.” This article contains all the links and information you need to let the elected officials and LAX’s noise management team that the noise is significantly impacting our neighborhood.

Flight III

Oh wow—I thought I was going crazy! So all that increased jet noise is really happening. My husband barely hears it, but it is driving me batty, and I hear it in Malibu and Rustic Canyon too. It’s awful!

Flight IV

I am 100% with “Flight Corridor.” I have found myself browsing real estate listings for nearby neighborhoods not affected by the new nonstop airline noise. And I know of at least one other neighbor who contemplating a similar move. Can’t believe this happened to the westside.

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