Your Two Cents’ Worth


Childs’ 14k gold bracelet near Bank of America on Sunset Blvd. Call 310-454-1321 to further identify.


Kudos to the writer for their thoughtful editorial. Me, not so much. Is that a white man in a suit steadfastly, dominating and patronizing all who pass through those gates? Even a little open space to be and think as we are would be more welcoming than that guy. Brrrrrrr, chill.  Watch out for the thought police….

Music I

Mr. Caruso: I am heartened to see how well you’ve designed the collection of stores, restaurants, sitting areas, etc. in the center of our town here in Palisades. However, the piped in music is driving me nuts. I am a Sinatra fan, but anything you pipe into a place for hours at a time becomes muzak. I can’t even walk along Swarthmore from my home to do errands in town at 9:30 A.M. on a Saturday without that music disrupting the peace. It makes me sad to hear it so unrelentingly on our public sidewalk and street. It is mildly insulting. This is a town. It is not a contained shopping mall. Play the music during the holidays if you like. But otherwise please let us be. I’d like very much to linger and enjoy your lovely new establishments, maybe buy something from a store or eat outdoors at one of your restaurants. But so far I try to walk through it all as quickly as possible—just to get away from that relentless piped in music.

Music II

I need to be honest…the Frank Sinatra music coming out of the speakers that are planted in the ground all over the new Palisades Village is like nails on a chalkboard for me and many other Palisadians. While I love Frank Sinatra and that genre of music, it is super annoying and quite “frankly” irritating. Do you need to have music playing 24/7? This isn’t the Grove and it isn’t Disneyland. It’s the Palisades. A nice, quiet little beach town that we would all like to keep nice and quiet. This music is ruining the vibe that we all love. Please stop the music! It’s really getting “Under Our Skin!”

Thank You

We used our lovely Post summer gift certificate this weekend and had a terrific time.  THANK YOU.


There’s a bug in Temescal: Black fly season in Via Bluffs has been much worse ever since the town installed the water treatment detention tank in Temescal Canyon. It is a perfect breeding spot. Does anyone know how to convince the town to treat the tank for insects?

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