Your Two Cents’ Worth


On Friday afternoon, January 18, I encountered a carload of teenage boys laughing as they drove down Toyopa in a black luxury sedan. One was sitting on the front hood, another on the back. One was most of the way out of a side window, filming the fun on his phone.


I have been living next door to a home being built for over a year now. In that time, they have broken my picket fence, cracked my wall, and stained my house, windows, backyard, side yard, front yard and pool with dirt and dust. They have ruined my grass. I have dealt with rude general contractors who don’t respect me nor my neighborhood. They move trash cans onto the sidewalk on trash day so they can park their cars near the house they are working on. I could go on. Now why, when I try to contact the developer and ask him to fix what his men have broken, and clean what his men have dirtied, I get ignored? Do these developers and contractors think that because they don’t live here, they can treat neighbors and the neighborhood any way they want? They need to be held accountable. I urge people who have undergone similar situations to not sit back and let these people ruin our homes or neighborhoods.


Would you dare identify yourself as a Conservative today? Would you speak-up for your beliefs? Would you stand proud for our National Anthem? Would you raise a flag in your yard? Can you have a civil conversation with one of your liberal friends? I doubt it. Too many liberals are consumed by an unprecedented rage, and vitriol.

Locked Doors

Wow! Reading about all of these break ins is scaring me. We’ve made sure to lock all the doors and windows before leaving the house for the day and going to bed for the night.

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