Your Two Cents’ Worth

Missing Backpack

Have you seen a new Star Wars backpack and wonder where your child got it? My 6-year-old left his backpack at Pali Rec Center in the gym on Friday night. Someone dumped out its contents and took the backpack. His name and number are on the inside if you unzip the top. Please check it and let me know! You’re welcome to return it to the Rec Center office anonymously or let me know. It’s sad to me that someone would steal my child’s new Christmas present at the park I’ve spent so much time at! Thank you for your help!

Managing Our Destiny

Same as Malibu (1991), it’s time for Pacific Palisades to incorporate as its own City.


If we really want to capture the true spirit of the Palisades—especially in light of Carusoville—the guy should have one hand over his heart and the other one holding a shopping bag.

More Steadfast

With all due respect to the writer of Steadfast II, clearly you are not a statistician. If you can with a straight face claim that 3 percent of the PP’s (“narcissistic new residents”) find this clunky, gigantic, corny man without a mouth to be offensive, while 97% (of the old residents) are perfectly fine with it, you are living in a reality of your own making. I’m not a “newbie” here and I find it contrived and ridiculous.


There are no men’s clothing stores available at Caruso’s. Where can I go buy a shirt or tie?

(Editor’s note: According to the Palisades Village website, Alo Yoga, PAIGE, Vince and towne by elysewalker sell men’s apparel.)

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