Your Two Cents’ Worth


To the Bienveneda family that had their gardener jackhammer the speedhumps on Bienveneda (they’re humps not bumps), I applaud you. Thanks to you we will be reintroducing our Monday night drag racing club. I will let being woken up at 3AM slide because now I will once again be able to enjoy racing on my street.


I lost my Mercedes Benz car key Saturday evening (12/22) near Palisades YMCA.  It’s on a Mercedes leather key chain with two names and a phone number on it. If you found it, please turn it in to Palisades YMCA. It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Heartfelt thanks to Lisa Kass Boyle and her thoughtful editorial. There are many things about the Palisades Village that disappoint me but that statue offends my basic beliefs about who we are as Americans and Palisadians and has kept me from spending any time (let alone any money) there.

Power Problems

There’s way too many power outages in the Palisades. Especially for those in the Marquez area.


Beautiful year-end issue!

Year-End II

I was very disappointed when I read today’s year in review in the Palisades Post.  You failed to mention the Palisades Ho Ho Ho Hulabaloo held on December 8 at the picnic grounds by the REC Center.  The event was attended by over 1000 people and was organized for Palisadians by Palisadians in two short weeks.