Your Two Cents’ Worth


If anybody has found a silver chain link bracelet with small charms on it please call Leslie at 310-459-9023.


I want to thank young Mr. Coleman for sharing his opinion on the “Steadfast” plaque. I feel honored to know that our young Palisadians are so patriotic and upstanding. I hope the plaque returns soon, Mr. Caruso.


In response to the 2 cents about Caruso saying his store sales in the Palisades were the highest per square foot anywhere in the U.S., let me also congratulate him for having the highest attendance ever at the inauguration (of his mall). MPGA!


Palisades Village has enough lights. I wonder if they can see it from space.

Farmers Market

Having the farmers market on Antioch Street would benefit the entire town and the surrounding businesses immensely.


If Cinépolis added a complimentary popcorn in with that ticket price, I would be much more inclined to go. Popcorn is relatively inexpensive to serve and people love to feel like they’re getting a deal, so I think it’s a win-win.


I dislike Palisades Village because it doesn’t reflect the community at all. Traffic is also getting worse. We needed an improvement but the project went too far.

Party On

Bonjour Fête is my new favorite store at the Village. It has neatly packaged gifts, stationery and more—and so far, the prices seem reasonable. The staff is also very friendly!