Vegan Scene: Impacting the Planet, One Piece of Clothing at a Time

Amy Rebecca Wilde sorts through vegan-friendly fabrics.
Photos by Peter Adams


It’s no surprise that Palisades-grown Amy Rebecca Wilde has created a fully vegan and eco-conscious clothing line in Venice.

While attending Kehillat Israel for preschool, followed by Canyon Charter Elementary School, the young fashionista spent most of her time in the outdoors of Santa Monica Canyon, interacting with the wildlife and isolated from the carnivorous city just a few miles away.

High-fiving a furry friend

When animals in the neighborhood would get injured, she was their first responder and did everything she could to get them help.

At the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market, Wilde could be found volunteering at the pet adoption booth, helping young animals find a home.

Wilde became popular online for hosting “fur-free campaigns” and running vegan meetups after her Instagram account, “Vegans of Instagram,” went viral.

“When I started to become more involved with animal rights, I noticed that there was a lack of vegan retail stores and vegan fashion brands,” Wilde said in an interview with the Palisadian-Post when describing her motivation to start her own clothing store.

Vegan Scene, offering clothing options that are 100 percent free of fur, leather, pearl, silk and wool, has become a prime destination for those looking to shop eco-friendly.

Her clothing line, “Legends & Vibes” describes itself as “committed to dismantling animal enterprises through fashion.”

“[Eco-friendly clothing] was not something that was socially acceptable back then,” she said. “It’s been a really great thing to have positive feedback, and it wouldn’t be without people’s support to continue to be where we are.”

Clothing items include mini dresses, jumpsuits and intimates—all avoiding fabrics taken or tested on animals.

Vegan Scene

“No animals were harmed or used in the making of our designs and the brands that we carry,” according to Vegan Scenes’ website. All makeup and cosmetics are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Wilde has been vegan herself for over 16 years and heavily involved in pushing for animal-free production.

She is now setting her sights on expanding her clothing line, and will be launching a kickstarter fundraiser to get the financial support she needs.

“I’ve always viewed vegan fashion as kind of like solar [technology]—it’s more innovative and a sustainable practice,” Wilde said. She views her clothing line to be at the driver’s seat of change, hoping people will become more aware of the environmental damages that large companies can cause.

“I see us as setting a new example—that you can have vegan fashion and it can be both chic and quality materials that makes an impact on our planet.”