Your Two Cents’ Worth


Wow! I’m SO glad someone thought to write in about how awful Elyse Walker’s employees are. They really are everything that makes LA hard to love. Snobbery is silly. Everyone should be friendly to everyone! It’s just common courtesy—especially if you are trying to get some commission from my sale. I hope the shops in the newly opened village also take note.

Agree II

Elyse Walker needs to school its employees in basic humility and respect toward customers. 9/10 times I am shopping in the store I feel as if I am being sized-up and judged and rarely will be offered help. I have also heard catty conversations among the employees passive-aggressively insulting customers who are in the store. This behavior goes against the typical welcoming environment I have come to love and expect in the Palisades. I urge Elyse Walker to take note and help keep the Palisades the positive and friendly place we know it to be.


It would have been nice if you would have asked to speak to the manager of Elyse Walker’s store regarding the rude sale staff.  How interesting that you chose to publish your complaint in a public forum anonymously, how calculating and petty.  You were not giving “advice,” you were taking a cheap shot.  I am not a regular customer in Elyse Walker’s store and sometimes I shop in the store in my workout clothes, but when I do, I am always treated with kindness and respect.  I think you should take your own “advice” and shop somewhere else and stop trying to tear someone else’s business down. That is common courtesy.


The fireworks at 11:15 p.m. on Sept. 20 at the construction site area were very annoying. This is a pet-friendly community, people work and arise early in the AM for commutes—very startling to hear the noise at that time of night and discourteous. Not a great way to open a new center, neighbor.


Congratulations Rick Caruso and our community! My family braved the Disneyland-like crowds of the opening and it was fantastic! Thank you, Rick, for making our village beautiful again. I LOVED the piped in music!


Thank you to the entire Caruso team—some of whom we’ve met at Subway—for your efforts on our behalf and your kindness and patience explaining big machinery and other building concepts.

More Muzak

Equating Frank Sinatra to muzak certainly demonstrates a person’s level of sophistication … or lack thereof.  At Caruso’s Calabasas Commons the music of those other muzak hacks Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, and Nat King Cole is also played during the day. Just slightly better than Palisades traffic noise.


It’s astounding how people in this town have blinders on when it comes to this new mall. All the way up in The Highlands they are telling the Alphabets to deal with it and down the chain it goes by neighborhood. What will you deal with not living in the neighborhood? The answer is nothing detrimental to your lives. It’s like telling people in Flint, Michigan: “Stop complaining, you have water, drink it you whiners.”