Your Two Cents’ Worth

A Warning

To the young man who had been partying next door to me: It was unnecessary to defecate on my lawn, I am discarded. I’ve been asked by multiple friends if I have an “issue.” I may press charges!

Corpus stars

A shout out to the Corpus Christi academic decathlon team. Nice job on 11. Nice job on individual to: Natalia (9), Keira (6), Sydney (5), Brooke (5) and Bill (1)! Great job guys.


Janice and Billy Crystal are turning out to be the coolest co-mayors the town has ever had. OK, also the first co-mayors the town has ever had, but still—so cool.

Prankster Too

To the prankster who submitted that “Up Yours” thing: It was such a lie. I say up yours to you. It made me so mad I wanted to spit.

Hacked Off

I saw a teenager on a Bird scooter, 20 mph on a Huntington sidewalk. These are only supposed to run around Santa Monica, but it seems they can be hacked by a smart high schooler. So, watch out—those things are dangerous.

Drum Roll

Walking past the Village School I heard the unmistakable drum roll pattern from “The Terminator” movie, only with other piano and voice melodies on top of it created by the kids. I know, as a musician, that the “Terminator” signature sound pattern is a 13/16 beat, very tricky, very sophisticated. Kids are getting so smart these days. If we survive The Rise of the Machines they may even be our future.

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