TV Host Abandons the Palisades for Brentwood

The new home
Photo courtesy of MGA

It was Rick Caruso, not us, who jokingly called his hometown Brentwood a “slum” compared to his dream town of Pacific Palisades. We are sure Brentwood has its charms.

But such a slur does not seem to have deterred ex-pat Brit and TV show host James Corden, who has given up his rented home in the Palisades to move into the town next door.

The trophy hunter
Photo courtesy of CBS

For the last year, after a spell on the beach in Malibu, Corden and his family had been renting a five-bedroom home near the Rivera Country Club—reportedly paying $30,000 per month, a fraction of his salary as the host of the CBS “Late Late Show” that he helped put back on the map with musical forays such as “carpool karaoke.”

Corden moved exactly two miles east to Brentwood, into a $9.9 million home, which has been renovated in recent months under the supervision of his wife, Julia Carey—with input from their children, who were reportedly very keen on the new home’s babbling brook.

It is only miles from the Palisades, but a lot further from the modest, semi-detached home north of London, where Corden was raised.

                —JOHN HARLOW