The Pose

Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

This month’s yoga posture is Reverse Triangle Pose (Viparita Trikonasana), which I taught to Dr. Philip Kamins, DDS and his daughter, Alana. Kamins has been my family’s dentist in the Palisades for over 26 years and works at Pacific Palisades Dentistry. It was so fun teaching this yoga side-bend stretch to him and his lovely daughter.

Benefits of Reverse Triangle Pose:

· Opens the chest for better


· Improves the core and

abdominal muscles.

· Improves the flexibility of the

entire spine.

· Improves balance with focus,

energizing the mind and body.


· Those with a neck, hip or shoulder injury should practice this pose with extra care.

· If you have any medical conditions, talk to your doctor before practicing this or other yoga poses.


From a standing position, bring your feet wide part.

Next, turn your right foot outward to 90 degrees, and bring your left foot inward to 45 degrees.

Bring both arms out parallel to the side of your body.

Inhale as you raise your right arm above your shoulders and head, and take it backward without bending your elbows. Exhale as you bring your left hand down toward your left knee.

Stay in this side stretch for at least five breaths before switching sides.

A yoga practitioner for over 35 years, Teresa Power helps children (and adults) unleash their imaginations through yoga. Since 2000, she has been teaching yoga in schools, yoga studios and local organizations, and has helped thousands of people develop a healthy attitude toward their bodies. Power is an internationally acclaimed yoga expert, keynote speaker and the bestselling, award-winning author of “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids product line, which has been translated into many languages and sold one-quarter million copies worldwide. She is also the founder of International Kids’ Yoga Day, an annual event that celebrates the health and wellness of our youth worldwide through the practice of yoga. For more information, visit and