The Bee is Mobbed

Top insect at Canyon School Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer
Top insect at Canyon School
Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

The ever-popular Pali Bee touched down at two Palisadian schools last week, causing a ruckus as only a six-foot-tall dancing bee can.

The bee landed in classrooms at Corpus Christi School and at an assembly at Canyon Charter Elementary School, much to the delight of the kids who mobbed the stylish insect.

Some have called the bee a rock star among insects.

More school visits are planned—keep an eye on the Palisadian-Post Facebook page.

The bee is spreading the good news about this month’s Pali Bee competition for would-be champion spellers in and around the Palisades.

The sixth annual quiz will take place at Rustic Canyon Recreational Center on Sunday, Feb. 26—Oscar Sunday, but it will be over before the first Oscar frock sashays down the red carpet. Fun will be following fun.

The Post is proud to be hosting the extremely popular community event.

It is open to all elementary school children grades one through five who live or go to school in the Palisades. There will be snacks, T-shirts and trophies.

For further information or to sign up, visit