Teenage Entrepreneur Grows Organic Candy Factory From the Palisades


Founded in 2010 by young entrepreneur and Palisadian Ginger Taurek, 14, and her mother Piper Cochrane, The Organic Candy Factory launched online with two flavors—and the mother-daughter team was shocked at all the orders they received.

The original movie, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” was a big inspiration for Taurek.

“When I was 5 years old, I told my mom I wanted to create a candy company and she said it had to be organic,” Taurek shared.

Taurek’s creations are gelatin free, kosher, vegan, gluten free, pesticide free, preservative free, nut free, tree nut free, corn syrup free and GMO free.

The Organic Candy Factory, now available in multiple outlets nationwide, is making strides to take it to the next level by adding a new Board of Directors and Board of Advisors while keeping in the spirit of the holidays by giving back through charities.

Taurek shared that she hopes one day, young or old, people will begin to perceive candy as something that’s possible in a healthier way.

Now the company continues to grow, and the duo couldn’t be more grateful to have new board members contributing to their team and help the company transition with the increasing demand.

“I just knew the demand was bigger than our supply, so I knew it was time to raise money,” Cochrane remarked to the Palisadian-Post. “We needed investment, which is not my expertise, so we took on sweat equity partners to raise money for the company and raise the scale and take the company to the next level.”

The Board of Directors and Board of Advisors both joined in the last six months.

“We have top quality advisors in different business areas that give us advice,” Cochrane shared. “We’re so fortunate to have the education and the guidance of the people who are now mentoring us.”

Sweet treats crafted by The Organic Candy Factory are available in places like Coffee Bean, Eataly, children’s museums nationwide, Standard Hotels, Pressed Juicery, Cafe Gratitude, WeWorks, Amazon, as well as hundreds of mom-and-pop shops. Locally, it can be purchased at Sweet Rose Creamery in the Palisades.

The company donates proceeds from some of their candy sales to charity.

“We love to give to other children’s charities, and two of our favorites are Children Mending Hearts [for anti-bullying] and the Grace Rose Foundation [for children with cystic fibrosis],” Cochrane shared.

“It’s fun during the holidays because I get to see lots of people enjoying our gummies,” Taurek said. “Most of the charities we do are for children or animals. GRF is awesome because she’s a young entrepreneur around my age and it’s such a great cause. CMH is also for kids around my age. It’s really nice to know I’m helping kids my age.”

In December, The Organic Candy Company set up a table at a charity called Peace4Kids (at a foster home in Compton) for kids to dish up what they wanted and put it into their goodie bags. The company also participated in the Grace Rose Foundation holiday boutique, donating proceeds from their candy sales.

Taurek chooses all of the flavors. She has flavor tasting parties with her friends a couple of times per year. After the group has arrived, she hands out notepads and pencils to those in attendance and when the tasting begins, she asks her friends to choose their favorite flavors and number them. Taurek tallies their choices: number one, number two and so on.

“It’s really funny that the kids are involved, we still call her friends ‘the board members,” Cochrane shared. “We are in R&D on new gummy bear flavors, including a new chocolate bar that will also be organic and kosher and have gummy bears inside. It’s hard work. It’s crazy how much goes into it.”

Taurek who has grown up as an entrepreneur with a company that continues
to succeed shares some advice for other families.

“For parents to believe in their kids when they have an idea,” Taurek said.

The company is currently seeking angel investors. For more information visit organiccandyfactory.com.

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