Taking Your Real Estate to ‘New Heights’

By CONNOR BOCK | Special to Palisadian-Post

No matter which way you look at it, searching for a new home is always a hassle.

A potential homebuyer will spend hours online cruising through dimly shot photographs of closets and watching one too many video tours that lack any visual detail—all while wondering if the house has outdated flooring, broken windows or even a working kitchen.

But now, with the rise of accessible, efficient and affordable video recording technology, the real estate market has the potential to purr with elegant, eye-stimulating “buy-candy”—and you, the seller, have the capability of making it happen.

It’s easier than one would assume.

Do you have an iPhone? If you do, then you have the power to market your home like a pro. Don’t believe me? Professional photography, music videos and even feature-length films have been shot on iPhones. What was once a simple point-and-shoot camera phone has now been transformed into 4K-resolution, type-A pioneer of innovative videography.

And then there’s drones.

Videos made with drones have become a hot commodity in the vast world of online real estate marketing and here’s why: You’re up—high in the sky—looking down upon tropical trees enveloping into beautiful homestead that’s topped off with pleasantly beaming sunshine … or perhaps sprawling sights of lush, rural farmland. As your camera flies across the sky, the viewer is left with a sense of peaceful placidity—you just can’t get that from a snapshot alone.

Eye in the sky
Photos courtesy of Connor Bock

These groundbreaking apparatuses provide detailed aerial visuals, offering aspiring homeowners a chance to gain a true sense of the property.

A recent real estate project, in which I was employed as a video editor, opened up my mind to what you can do within the boundaries of commercial videography. The project involved a multi-million dollar tropical resort located in Bali, where the seller stated that he was looking to make the tour footage of the resort “pop like 1,000 rainbow-colored balloons.”

People want to see eye-popping optics in front of them—especially when the subject is a tropical resort. I bumped up the saturation and within a week-and-a-half after the video was posted online, the deal was sealed and the resort was sold.

The best part about using a drone to obtain footage is that anybody can do it. A basic drone can be purchased from an online merchant like Amazon for $50, allowing the everyday man or woman to easily gain entrance into the world of top-grade video recording.

With just a small investment—and perhaps a few YouTube tutorials—you’ll be selling that property in no time.

Connor Bock is a video editor, specializing in real estate footage. To contact, email connorbockfilm@gmail.com.