Sunset Hit-and-Run Totals Jeep

By SARAH SHMERLING | Editor-in-Chief

Longtime Palisadian Holly Schilz is seeking information to identify a driver who did not leave a note after hitting and totaling her 2016 Jeep Cherokee.

Schilz, who has lived in a guesthouse on Sunset Boulevard near Los Angeles Fire Department Station 69 for three years, said that her landlady heard something between 12 and 4 a.m. on Friday, May 31.

Schilz is currently working with the police to try and track down the person who hit her vehicle, which was parked outside of her home on Sunset Boulevard.

“I went all around trying to figure it out,” Schilz explained. “Police said the cameras on top of Carey are just monitoring … I asked the fire station for cameras, I thought for sure they might.”

So far, Schilz has had no luck—one neighbor had a Ring camera set up, but it is not positioned in a way to see the street.

“I don’t know how whoever did it drove away,” Schilz said, speculating that it may have been a bigger vehicle. Her car’s frame was bent, as well as two doors. Schilz said that when the towtruck lifted the car onto the bed, parts were falling out.

In her many years living in the Palisades, Schilz has never experienced something like this.

“People are generally really nice in some way,” Schilz said.

Schilz, who attended Palisades Charter High School, shared that she has spent a lot of her adult life living in the Palisades, including raising her kids in the community.

 “You just feel so blindsided because you are so not expecting it,” Schilz said of the experience.