Students and Seniors Meet for Afternoon Tea


An afternoon tea in Pacific Palisades brought seniors from the community and students from Palisades Charter High School together for an entertaining afternoon—filled with music and conversation on November 9 at the Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club.

“We had almost 40 people,” said event organizer and Palisadian Margaux Glaser, who co-hosted the event with Tameron Keyes. “For a first-time-ever event, we were thrilled with the turnout.”

Students from Pali High served seniors from Palisades community at the afternoon tea, and from all accounts, the interactions between the seniors and students turned out to be a highlight.

“Everything went really well,” Pali High junior Kylie Swartz shared with the Palisadian-Post. “We helped set up. We got to interact. It’s the most fun of any event I’ve done at Pali so far.”

Swartz said it went better than she anticipated: She thought she was attending the event simply to serve the seniors, and was surprised to be offered the opportunity to sit down and spend time with them.

“The two ladies I sat with were really amazing people,” Swartz shared. “I learned a lot of interesting information. One of them was a Spanish major and one of them was a music major in college.”

A violinist in the band, LA FAZ, who performed during the tea, talked to one senior, who shared her background and expertise in music, Glaser explained. “It was wonderful.”

Glaser commented that she looked over at another senior to see a circle of high school students hanging on her every word.

The guests were served cucumber, salmon and egg sandwiches, and an assortment of sweets. There was a variety of teas, honey and jams, Glaser shared.

“Margaux and Tameron are wonderful people to set this all up, and very nice to work with,” Swartz said, adding that she hopes they do the tea again or make it an annual event.

“I was so grateful for the high school students who helped out with the event and knowing we are on the right path to recognize and provide support to seniors,” Glaser shared.

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