Steven Spielberg to Adapt Reddit Ghost Story for the Screen

Palisadian Steven Spielberg is bringing a classic internet ghost story to the big screen with “The Bells,” based on Tony Lunedi’s viral creepy tale, “The Spire in the Woods,” which was posted as a series to the website Reddit in 2013.
Amblin Partners, Spielberg’s film and television production company, is teaming up with producers Roy Lee (“It,” “The Ring”) and Jon Berg (“Aquaman”) for the film, who will be producing through Vertigo Entertainment. Intellectual Property Group’s Josh Dove will executive produce the film.
“The Bells” follows the story of a boy trying to unravel the mystery of his friend’s suicide. He begins to suspect that the stated reason (a breakup) is not what drove him to his death.
When the ghost that tormented his friend into an early grave comes for him, the boy must venture deeper into the twisted world he has unlocked in his own psyche if he ever hopes to make it out alive.
Lunedi’s story won a “Best Content” award for the Reddit series, which was posted in the “No Sleep” forum. The pieces were then combined into a best-selling novel.
Those who are interested in reading the story before Spielberg’s film may order a copy on Amazon.