Setting Roots in The Palisades

At work with the team
Photos courtesy of Tracey Price

Local Family Landscapes Palisades Village

Submitted by TRACEY PRICE | Special to the Palisadian-Post

After 9/11, businesses along Swarthmore Avenue decorated their storefronts in red, white and blue for the holidays. Yet, they left their planter spaces empty, save for a random cigarette butt or Baskin Robbins spoon.

David and Tracey Price approached the business owners, offered to landscape their planters and extend the patriotic theme for maximum curb appeal. A business was born.

Honored to be back, American Landscape will plant Swarthmore Avenue once again, this time on a much larger scale. Working alongside Caruso, Tutor Perini and LZ Design Group, American Landscape comes full circle.

David and Tracey on site at Palisades Village

Born and raised in Pacific Palisades, David and Tracey reside within a half block of Palisades Village. They consider it an extension of their backyard, a gathering place for the entire neighborhood. Therefore, this calling card proves a direct reflection of their company’s values and goals.

“We feel fortunate to return to the community we grew up in to raise our three children, ages 18, 14 and 4,” they stated recently while surveying the boxed trees arriving, ready for planting. “We strive to maintain the charm and integrity of our unique neighborhood.

“Landscaping Palisades Village is a special opportunity to plant so close to home, with the utmost of quality and care, monitoring growth over the years, and keeping a watchful eye on the progress.”

A towering, leafy Jacaranda tree anchors the park, providing a shady area for families to play. Over 120 trees, 3,000 flowering shrubs and planters will frame the storefronts.

Overseeing the delivery of a tree

“The Palisades has contributed so much to our lives,” David shared. “We consider it an honor to work alongside such a highly skilled and experienced team … to help create a welcoming and thriving commercial center, the pride of the Palisades now and for generations to come.”

American Landscape Incorporated continues to be a leader in the industry, recently completing the Los Angeles Football Club Stadium, Westfield Topanga Promenade and The Del Amo Fashion Center.

“David and I started dating back in Pali High, after first meeting one weekend evening under a canopy of trees at the base of Las Liones Park,” Tracey remembered. “It’s fitting that we continue to meet under trees, only now we have the privilege to plant them for our community.”