Richard Olsen Wins Last Week of Palisadian-Post Football Contest

The pigskin prognosticating is over for yet another season, but the annual Palisadian-Post Football Contest drew more entries than ever and taking home the 18th and final prize of the year (a $15 gift card to The Yogurt Shoppe) was Richard Olsen, who won for the second time after guessing the winners in seven out of 10 games.

The season championship went to Don Galias, who was the top predictor six times. Three-time winner Katie Ebert was the runner-up while Andrew Rhames joined Olsen as a two-time winner.

James Ryan, Linda Harvey, Ryan Angelich, Christine Odionu and Patrick Elder each won once. Eight of the 18 contests were decided by tiebreakers and there were no perfect 10s, although Odionu (Week 7), Rhames (Week 15) and Galias (Week 9) got nine correct.