Rain, Rain Gone Away

Total Rain for the Season at 23.46 inches in Pacific Palisades

The wet weather is beginning to fade away as forecasts show cool, cloudy skies followed by sunny days for Palisadians.

The abundance of February rain has turned the mountains green and waterfalls are generously, albeit briefly, flowing in the typically dry canyons.

“We received 1.49 inches of rain on March 6, which puts our total for this rain season at 23.46 inches in Pacific Palisades,” local weather authority Craig Weston told the Palisadian-Post. “The average rain total in Los Angeles is 14.7 inches, so we are currently 8.76 inches above normal. Remember that the rain season began on July 1, 2018, and extends to June 30, 2019. The weather forecast looks a bit drier, and we may see a warming trend as we approach the weekend.”

The National Weather Service forecast on Monday included sunnier days and climbing temperatures in the weeks ahead, with highs consistently in the mid-60s. The brunt of a cool storm system bypassed the LA region on Monday as it spun west, leaving a few scattered showers in the mountains, with cloudy skies in the Southland.

“Right now we have a great big cold, low-pressure system off the coast but it’s going south, so we’re just sort of on the edge here,” meteorologist Jay Rosenthal told the Post. “South of us will probably get some good rain, but we’re safe and dry up here. After this goes by we’re in for a dry period lasting the better part of the rest of the month, according to the models, which show warmer weather and a nice, sunny, warm weekend ahead.

“This is the around the time of the year the storm tracks back northward. It’ll start to feel like spring.”