RACHEL ZISELMAN: Missing 38 Years This Saturday


Saturday, Sept. 5 marks 38 years since 11-year-old Rachel Hanna Ziselman vanished from Pacific Palisades while walking from Hughes Market (now Ralphs) to her home on the 1000 block of Monument St.

She was last seen carrying a bag of groceries about a block from her home. She was 4’8” with waist-length blonde hair and blue eyes.

LAPD Detective Luis Rivera of the Cold Case Homicide Unit has had custody of Rachel’s case since 2012.

Rachel Ziselman, missing from Pacific Palisades since 1977.
Rachel Ziselman, missing from Pacific Palisades since 1977.

“Our Captain and Chief would agree with my sentiments that when a child is the victim of a crime, it’s a crime against the entire community,” Rivera told the Palisadian-Post.

“We all share a responsibility to protect the people who are not able to protect themselves and our biggest concern is the safety of our children,” Rivera said. The LAPD and City of Los Angeles will spare no expense in finding and bringing to justice anyone who dares to commit a crime against our kids. We only wish it was sooner for Rachel. I will not let her case go forgotten.”

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If you have any information or stories pertaining to Rachel’s disappearance or any memories of Rachel you would like to share, please contact the reporter at Jacqueline@palipost.com.