Questions an Agent May Ask You

By MICHAEL EDLEN | Special to the Palisadian-Post

We have often written about recommended questions to ask an agent being interviewed for the position of representing an owner in the sale of their home. It may be useful to also consider appropriate questions an experienced and sensitive agent is likely to ask a potential seller, often in advance of even meeting for the first time.

What is the reason you are planning or considering to sell your home? (The agent will try to understand your “why” and what it might accomplish for you.)

Do you know where you will be moving to? Will you be buying or leasing your next home? (Understanding the purpose and goals will help an agent to better counsel you.)

When would you like or do you need to be at your next location, and why is that?

How did you find your current home, and what attracted you to it originally?

What do you think your buyer will love most about your home?

What price do you hope to get for your home? How much do you really feel it could be worth?

How much do you owe on the home?

Are you the only decision maker, or is anyone else going to be involved in helping decide about the sale of the property and which agent will be employed to represent you?

Do you have any concerns about selling now?

Have you sold a house before? If so, how was your experience with that sale and the process?

If you are not fully committed to selling yet, what information would be helpful in making that decision?

What qualifications are you looking for in an agent?

What is your process going to be in selecting an agent?

If all agents seem to represent you in similar ways, how will you decide which agent to choose?

Are there things you do not prefer in your dealings with your agent and brokerage?

How would you most prefer communicating in general with your agent, email, texting, phone or in person?

Will your focus be on saving money or on getting the largest bottom line from the sale?

Is the track record or statistics of an agent important to you?

What do you know about the agents you have chosen to interview?

When would you like to make the selection of your agent by?

If an agent does not ask most of these types of questions, it may be a significant indicator to you to continue further in your consideration of who best to represent you in such an important sale. The best suited and most qualified professional will typically take the time and interest to understand as much as possible about your situation. In doing so, they are more able to provide counsel and alternative ideas to help you accomplish your goals in the most effective manner.

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