Palisadian Realtor Maps the Town Where He Grew Up

Rodeo Realty Realtor Archie Ogani, born in Russia but raised in Pacific Palisades, recently completed work on a map of his hometown available (for free) to all local residents.

“I grew up in the Palisades and I love the community here,” Ogani told the Palisadian-Post. “I had been looking around for a map of town, and a lot of them were missing some key details, so I wanted to make a new, more detailed map for all the neighbors. Once I started working on it, I couldn’t stop adding details—I wanted to make something no one else has.”

The map, designed on Adobe Illustrator, is unique in its organization of Pacific Palisades into its distinctive neighborhoods, with special attention paid to the exact boundaries that demark them.

It also includes major roads, hiking trails, landmarks, schools and even the numbered lifeguard towers that dot Will Rogers State Beach.

“Working on the map, I learned a lot about the Palisades that I didn’t know before, like that you can hike from Temescal Canyon Trail all the way to The Highlands—little things like that.”

Ogani returned to the Palisades after attending Shattuck St. Mary’s in Minnesota—the top hockey high school in the country, and later Bentley University in Boston, where he also played hockey.

“I realized I wanted to come back home, and start my career and my life here in the Palisades,” Ogani said. “So I moved on from the hockey dream.”

Ogani transferred to Loyola Marymount University, where he graduated in 2015 with a degree in economics. He simultaneously earned his real estate license while at school, soon after working for a wealth management firm where his first clients would include professional hockey players.

The first major deal he closed was for a former member of the Los Angeles Kings who was selling his Redondo Beach home.

“My father came to this country to give our family a better life, and with my uncle and grandfather here, I wanted to be close to home. Essentially, I came home to take care of my family. After leaving for six years, I realized there really is no place better than the Palisades.”

Ogani hopes to expand his career in the Palisades.

“There really is no better place to raise a family in my mind. I grew up here, I have friends and family here. It’s where I want to branch out. I’m going to stay as close to home as possible.” For more information, email: