Palisadian Photographer Makes More than Just Pictures

With a selection of photos from her series “Astoria, Oregon,” Palisadian photographer Cheryl Dimont brings her vision to the walls of Tag Gallery in the heart of Los Angeles.

The Las Casas resident has been shooting over the last 40 years, developing her unique style of fine art and landscape photography that could easily be mistaken for a painting.

Taking photos of everyday things with a different perspective has allowed Dimont to differentiate herself from the average hobbyist.

“I’d like the person to feel that there was some soul put in to it,” Dimont said in an interview with the Palisadian-Post. “When I actually take the picture, I really engage with the subject.”

Dimont was particularly attracted to Astoria, Oregon, for its decaying history that she recently set out to document. She said it’s important for her subjects to have a deeper meaning or story beyond visual attraction.

“A lot of the railroad cars or buildings have just been settling into the ground and decaying … and that was my starting point,” she said. “It was not my intention to be obvious on what the image was.”

Notably, Dimont’s photos take time to study, often resulting in different interpretations for the viewers, as patterns and shapes that you wouldn’t see at first glance are brought to the forefront.

Dimont’s attributed some of her success and inspiration to fellow photographer Art Wolfe.

“Just by being with him it’s improved my photography exponentially,” she said.

Now, Dimont has taken what she’s learned from mentors and years of experience and crafted her digital creations into physical works of art, often printing big to draw in the eye.

Her photographic creation can be seen at Tag Gallery, located at 5458 Wilshire Blvd., through October 19.