Palisades National League of Young Men Hosts FBI Agent

Young men presenting a certificate of appreciation to Simon.
Photos courtesy of Tracey Price

By LILY TINOCO | Reporter

The Palisades and Brentwood chapter of the National League of Young Men hosted FBI agent Frederick J. Simon at Palisades Presbyterian Janes Hall on Sunday, December 7. 

The Palisades chapter of the NLYM was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing a unique program that offers cultural experiences, leadership and protocol opportunities to young men in grades nine through 12 while also strengthening the mother-son relationship. This chapter has members directly from the Palisades community, as well as Santa Monica, Malibu, Westwood and Brentwood. 

Special Agent Simon spoke to young men and their mothers about his job, what it entails and his personal responsibilities. Simon has worked with the FBI for over 21 years. In his time, he has served on numerous squads: espionage, international and domestic terrorism, and violent crimes. 

He was invited to teach the young men about a career in public service that is exciting and rewarding, and to show the mothers how the FBI thoroughly carry out their jobs, according to NLYM member Lynn Hylen. Hylen is on the board of the FBI LA Citizens Academy and invited Simon to speak to the NLYM.

“[FBI agents] are always on the job, even when flying on an airplane for a leisure trip or off-duty and out with their families,” Hylen said to the Palisadian-Post. “I felt reassured knowing that they will jump in any time they see a crime occurring.”

He shared the many ways he takes his responsibility as an FBI agent seriously, small and large. From his government-issued cell phone that he uses strictly for official business, to his government car that not even his wife has been in. Simon made it clear that he took an oath to serve the law and nothing should interfere with that. 

Simon is currently assigned to the Los Angeles Division’s Office of Public and Congressional Affairs and works in FBI programs that partner with private and public entities to defend and protect the United States’ interests internationally and abroad. 

Outside of work, Simon shared that he studies history and culture as an attempt to further understand those involved in a crime. He also participates in different hobbies such as playing the guitar and practicing martial arts.  

Nearing the end of the event, the young men presented a certificate of appreciation to Special Agent Simon and toys to be donated to the FBI Toy Drive. The event celebrated the act of giving back to the community as well as those who courageously keep our community safe.