Pali High Holds Special Board of Trustees Meeting Ahead of Charter Renewal Deadline


Palisades Charter High School gathered for a special Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, August 6, in an effort to submit its charter renewal petition on time.

School Principal Dr. Pam Magee said they are working “fast and furiously” to be able to submit their mandatory charter renewal petition by the August 19 intake meeting—the date given to them by LAUSD.

The Board of Trustees will likely have another special meeting on Thursday, August 15, ahead of this “looming deadline” said Magee, to vote on its resolution before bringing an approved resolution with them to the upcoming meeting.

While they were waiting for faculty to return to campus, Magee shared they want to promote as much feedback, input and community engagement as possible as they speed toward the deadline.

On August 19, the Board will submit the charter school renewal, as well as an approved Material Revision resolution to make a significant change.

The Board discussed the potential of Pali High increasing its enrollment by 100 students. In order to do this, they need to pass occupancy restrictions, a member explained.

Greg Wood, chief business officer, shared some of the financial components of a material revision to the Charter because whatever the Board proposes, it will need to be able to support financially. Wood said that if the school was to add 100 more students, there would likely be an increase in teaching staff to accommodate for that.

On September 3, the Palisades Board of Trustees will join a public hearing with approximately 23 other charter schools who are also bringing their petitions to the LAUSD Board at that time, according to the board.

Pali High is allowed to bring seven speakers, speaking up to three minutes each.

According to a member at the meeting, the LAUSD board will not vote at this time, and will only be hearing information about the schools and what’s new about each particular charter.

Then, on October 15, the LAUSD Board will vote on the Palisades Charter, as well as the others being submitted and represented at the same time, said the board.

During the recent meeting, Board members discussed matters such as maintaining and increasing ethnic diversity at Pali High, as well as the preference order of incoming students.

New board members, Rick Steil, Paula Anderson and Sarah Margiotta, were introduced during the meeting.