Pali High Grad Designs Bulletproof Whisky Vault


Todd Lawrence traveled the world after graduating from Palisades Charter High School in 1990.

Lawrence, whose parents are still based in Pacific Palisades, now lives in Taiwan and has been working in manufacturing for the past 23 years.

“Life on the other side of the world is very different than living in the Palisades,” Lawrence shared, explaining that he usually returns to the Palisades twice a year for two to three weeks at a time to visit friends and family.

“The best way to describe living in Taiwan is raw, fast and exciting. A true hidden gem that is constantly evolving.”

Just in time for his return visit over the holidays, Lawrence has designed and built a bulletproof whisky vault, created to keep high-valued liquor away from those “who may accidentally open a prized bottle while you’re out getting more ice.”

Behind a 17 millimeter bulletproof window, a security code unlocks the machined aluminum tri-spoke handle to access drinks.

“I’ve always enjoyed designing and building things, so that was a strong attraction to the manufacturing industry in Taiwan,” he said. “Setting up production in another country can have its challenges, but the struggle is half the fun.”

After designing, manufacturing and patenting the whisky vault, Lawrence will launch an Indiegogo campaign on Dec. 1 to make the vault available as a gift “for the person who has everything.”

“The idea originated when I was searching for a whisky cabinet to display a few collectible whisky bottles I had acquired over the years,” Lawrence explained. “When I could not find what I was looking for, I decided to design and build my own.”

Activated by the swipe of a hand, a rechargeable LED light strip illuminates the inside of the vault. Another swipe turns it off.

The 308-pound Whisky Vault will set buyers back $6,000 with airbrushed artwork as an option for an additional cost, but Lawrence is offering a 51 percent discount for the first 50 units—as well as a charitable incentive—as part of his Indiegogo campaign.

“I’ve been watching the news coverage of the devastating wildfires from the other side of the world and have had everyone affected by the fires in my prayers,” he shared. “With a successful campaign, I will donate $5,000 to the Los Angeles Fire Department.”

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