Overnight Camp in Massachusetts

By PERSIE HUBER | Junior Reporter

I go to overnight camp in Massachusetts, which means I stay at camp for a couple of weeks, without my parents. I have been going to this camp for six years—I started as a day camper.

Camp gives you a chance to meet new people, try new activities that you wouldn’t normally try if you had a choice, and if you have been going to that camp for a while, see old friends. You roast marshmallows, make and act out skits, and eat junk food until your stomach explodes.

If you go to daycamp you don’t get to roast marshmallows. Or die of heat in your cabin… but that’s something you’ll want to live without.

My camp is in the woods and beside a lake, which means there are a lot of bugs, but there are really fun activities like ziplining or kayaking and dive and slide at the lake.

We have cabins on each half of the camp, a girls side and a boys side. The cabins are usually small and dusty. It is fun to have your counselors not be in your cabin at night on watch duty so you can talk to your friends, without the counselors knowing. Living in the cabin with your friends is one of the best parts of camp.

At my camp, you choose six activities to do throughout the day. I chose activities that I have done already and enjoyed like ziplining, kayaking, videography, pottery and archery, but there were only five activities on my list, so I had to choose one more that I would try. I chose guitar. I loved it! So basically, trying something new isn’t so bad.

My camp has a tournament at the end of each week. The counselors anonymously pick campers to be on one of two teams. My camp has the two teams colors blue, which is the Cherokees, or red, which are the Mahaiwes. I am on the blue team but most of my friends are on the red. We play a lot of Capture the Flag and tag.

Camp is fun and I was sad to leave camp. Next year I wish I could stay longer and I think that I am so lucky to go to camp.