Our Town

Photos courtesy of Alicia Albek

Palisadian Alicia Albek of Vamos Vegan led a tour of seven Palisades Charter High School Girl Scouts in ninth grade and one mom through Ralphs. Albek offers free tours of the grocery store, with pamphlets, to highlight information about the environment and animal agriculture. 

Photo courtesy of Laura Salinas

Sixth-grader Ava Salinas Golder received her “Cougar of the Month” acknowledgement at Calvary Christian School

Photo courtesy of LADWP/Art Mochizuki

Palisades Charter High School Team A takes a break during the LADWP Science Bowl Scrimmage held at the utility’s downtown headquarters. The team was gearing up for the LADWP Science Bowl Regional Competition on February 23.  Pictured, from left: Jaden Elkins, Sean King, Benjamin Zaidel, Vivek Elashoff and Shira Shabtian

Photo courtesy of Gisela Moriarty

The Palisades Newcomers and Friends group dined for lunch at Porta Via in Palisades Village. New members are always welcome.