By SARAH SHMERLING | Editor-in-Chief

Norris Hardware officially closed its doors at noon on Monday, July 16, 2018, after serving Pacific Palisades for nearly 40 years—and now, a little more than one year later, Palisadians are still wondering what will fill the vacant space.

The family-owned and centrally located Sunset Boulevard store became available for lease on September 1 of last year.

“The landlord is not finalizing the deals here until the city approves his plan to divide the space in two,” a representative from Westside Retail explained to the Palisadian-Post on Tuesday, July 30.

At the end of February, Westside Retail revealed for the first time that the 12,400-square-foot space would be divided into two—with hopes, at that point, that the lease would be finalized within two or three weeks.

Norris had deep roots in the community, originally founded by Palisadian pioneer Robert Norris in 1925. First a plumbing shop on the corner of Temescal Canyon Road and Beverly Boulevard (now Sunset), the store moved to Swarthmore Avenue and finally settled in April 1979 at 15140 Sunset Blvd., taking over the space formerly occupied by the Bay Theatre.

If plans are approved to split the space into two, the first floor will offer 10,454 square feet of space, and the second floor 1,946 square feet.

Since the space closed, rumors have swirled for what will occupy the space—with everything from a Pilates studio to an Apple store suggested.

Often community members lament the closing of Norris, requesting a hardware store move into the space. One person shared that it was a “tremendous loss” not having Norris around.

The Westside Retail representative added that plans will be approved by the city “hopefully soon” and the landlord can move forward with leasing the space to two tenants.