My Favorite Place of 2019

By HANNA SHIN | Junior Reporter

This past summer, I took an unforgettable trip to Singapore with my mom and my sister. Singapore is located in Southeast Asia. It is a small country and is only half the size of LA County. Although small in size, Singapore is an impressive country.

It is the cleanest country that I have visited and that is the first thing I noticed when we got off the plane. On our way to the hotel, I didn’t see a single piece of trash on the streets and there was no graffiti whatsoever.

The Shins in Singapore
Photos courtesy of Hanna Shin

The buses and subways are spotless and sparkling clean. It is common to see no eating or no drinking signs inside the public transportations. I found out that the country has strict laws on littering and vandalism, and if one breaks the law, it could result in heavy fines and sometimes imprisonment. I didn’t see any gum on the pavement because it is illegal to sell those in Singapore.

Another nice thing in Singapore is the lush and green environment. Despite its urbanization, flowers, trees, and bushes thrive on building rooftops, highway dividers, and public parks.

A beautiful place to enjoy the greenery is the Gardens by the Bay. This 250-acre garden is very unique and beautiful. The flowers are abundant and varied. It also has 18 tree-like towers that light up during the night. General entrance is free, which I think is the nicest part about it.

Singapore is also very safe and petty crimes are rare. Unlike other developed countries, we didn’t have to worry about pick-pocketers prying on tourists. I was amazed to see kids younger than me taking public transportations unaccompanied by an adult.

Almost everyone in Singapore speaks English, which makes it easier to go around the city. Singapore was colonized by Britain for many years, which is why majority of the citizens speak the language.

One of my favorite experiences in Singapore was having dinner at hawker centers. A hawker center is like an outdoor food court with stalls selling local foods and drinks. I got to try different local dishes. Not only is it inexpensive, but it’s also sanitary and very delicious.

While in Singapore, we stayed at the Marina Bay Sands. The hotel has a unique architectural design. It has 3 towers and a ship-like structure across the top of the towers. My sister and I enjoyed the roof top infinity pool with stunning views of the city’s skyline, the Merlion Park, and the Art Science Museum.

Singapore Changi Airport is like another tourist destination of the country. There’s a rainforest inside the building! There are lots of trees, plants, flowers, butterflies, and a waterfall! We were so mesmerized and it was a nice ending to our vacation before the plane took off.

Singapore was my favorite place of 2019. The country is clean, green, safe, and beautiful. I had a great time there and I can’t wait to visit another amazing place in 2020!