Malibu Coast Animal Hospital Adopts Palisades Animal Clinic as ‘Sister Facility’

By LILY TINOCO | Reporter

Palisades Animal Clinic in Marquez Knolls was slated to reopen its doors on Wednesday, January 22.

Doctors Dean Graulich and Dana DePerno from Malibu Coast Animal Hospital offered to take over the practice after Veterinarian Dr. John Condello retired from PAC on November 1. Graulich and DePerno have been operating Malibu Coast Animal Hospital for the last 15 years.

“My husband, Dr. Dean Graulich, and I have known Dr. Condello for many years and when he expressed interest in retiring, we jumped at the chance to be of service to the Palisades community,” DePerno said to the Palisadian-Post.

Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

DePerno, Graulich and Dr. Lisa Newell will be sharing duties at the Palisades clinic, and will be offering a full range of diagnostic services, including radiography, ultrasound and in-house laboratory testing.

The clinic is equipped for comprehensive dental care and minor surgeries. Major surgical procedures and hospitalization will be referred to the Malibu location, and patient transportation will be offered to clients.

“We are really looking forward to getting to know the community and joining the local small businesses that make the Pacific Palisades so special,” DePerno shared. “We lost our home at the west end of Malibu in the Woolsey fire last year and have moved closer to the Palisades while we rebuild. We feel that fate has led us in this direction and we are thrilled.”

The Malibu Coast Animal Hospital staff is looking forward to its expansion: David Marler, the hospital’s administrator, shared that it’s a great opportunity and a great portion of their business came from the Palisades already.

And they aren’t the only ones who are thrilled.

Palisadian Richard Burton commented to the Post about his labrador, Dashiell, being treated at Malibu Coast for severe skin allergies. Burton had taken Dashiell to three other vets before visiting Malibu Coast, and was pleasantly surprised when Dashiell’s allergy symptoms remarkably improved within just a week of visiting the office.

“It’s a very well-run office and the doctors are always super methodical and considerate,” Burton said.

Palisadian Nancy Jackson shared her excitement for the expansion as well.

“I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews, many of the local residents have been driving their pets up to the Malibu location because they have such high regard for the staff and vets there,” Jackson said. “Our residents and pets will benefit greatly from having them here.”