By SARAH SHMERLING | Editor-in-Chief

For more than eight years, Luxe Homecare, founded by Palisadians Fay Vahdani and Ben Adel, has had one goal: to keep seniors at home and out of nursing homes.

The team, comprised of more than 100 employees, provides four core services to Palisadians: home health care, home care aid, hospice care and senior transportation.

“Access to adequate transportation is often the major factor that allows seniors to live independently at home,” Adel explained. “It is the connection to vital activities, such as going to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and visiting family and friends.”

Adel added that Luxe drivers are experienced, trained caregivers with CPR certification.

As far as the other care that Luxe provides, Adel shared that “everything falls under aging—when we age, we have different needs.”

He explained that it all starts with the point that we need help, someone to come to the home and cook. This type of service could be utilized after getting out of the hospital or having a knee replacement.

Home health care, which is paid for by Medicare or private insurance, encompasses providing supportive care and supplies to a senior’s home.

“The recipient may be recovering from an illness, have a physical limitation, or be chronically or terminally ill,” Adel said. “The types of services provided can be medical, nursing, social and therapeutic treatment.”

Depending on the needs of the client, Luxe provides registered nurses (RN and LVN), home care aides, rehabilitation services (physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists) and social workers.

When it comes to home care aid, Luxe provides helpers for seniors and others who need assistance in the home and with personal care, which includes a variety of tasks.

“The goal is to help the senior with their activities of daily livings—eating, personal hygiene, dressing, maintaining continence, transferring and mobility,” Adel explained. “This service is either paid for by a long-term care insurance policy or private pay.”

When it comes to long-term care insurance, Luxe provides a specialist that manages and processes the claim on behalf of the client.

“If someone has long-term care insurance, our advantage is the patient doesn’t need to stay on the phone, talk to the insurance company, file a claim, get reimbursed,” Adel said. “They don’t need to do any of those things, we do it all for them … we take care of it, it’s a free complimentary service.”

The most recent addition to Luxe’s menu of services offered is hospice care, which has been available for over one year.

“Luxe provides programs of care that promote quality of life during a life-threatening illness,” Adel shared. “Hospice care provides comfort when cure of the illness is no longer possible.”

Luxe works with patients with all diagnoses.

This type of care involves a core, interdisciplinary team of skilled professionals, MDs, nurses and volunteers who work to provide comprehensive medical, psychological and spiritual care for the terminally ill and support for the patient’s family.

“We are, in a way, like a hospital,” Adel explained “We have the same standard as a hospital … everything that we do in the hospital—patients do, doctors do—we have to do that at home.”

Hospice care is paid for by either Medicare or private insurance companies.

Adel shared that, though it was not easy to get licensed to offer hospice care, it was important for Luxe to offer it because it’s a component of aging.

“We bring people peace of mind,” Adel said. “You are covered, you are 100% covered.”

For more information, visit or call 310-459-3535.

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