Longtime Local Soloist Releases Second Album

By SARAH SHMERLING | Managing Editor

“You know when people sometimes say, ‘I was born to do this?’”

This was Christine Rosander’s response when the Palisadian-Post asked how she got into music and singing.

“When my mom was pregnant with me, she was a voice and piano major in college, so I guess I went to music school with her,” Rosander said with a laugh.

The Fresno-born, Elk Grove-raised singer/songwriter headed south to Southern California for music school. She studied vocal performance, commercial composing and arranging at Cal State Long Beach, and earned her master’s degree from USC in jazz studies.

Rosander has attended Community United Methodist Church of Pacific Palisades for the past 20 years, where she performs as a soloist.

“When I was still going to college, I ended up being asked to sub by the choir director,” Rosander explained, “so I came over there and I ended up staying just singing there forever.”

Rosander shared that the church has been an extended family for her, including when she started a crowdfunding page to get her album made.

“It’s a real community,” she said. “And I get to sing my songs there too, so that’s really awesome.”

Those interested in hearing Rosander’s songs can do so with her new album, “Been a Long Time,” released this year. The sophomore album follows “Smooth Ride,” released in 2007.

With songs like “The Bitter and the Sweet” and “You Made Me Who I Am,” Rosander explained that the album touches on love and loss.

“Somebody told me that they wanted to give my album to her friend who lost both of her parents,” she said. “I didn’t know it was going to have this effect, but people have been really comforted by the album … it’s about going through those things, also just the fact that we aren’t alone.”

One of Rosander’s favorite songs, “Honey for My Soul,” is about her mother, who she called her inspiration.

She also shared that she gets her inspiration from within.

“When I’m writing, I try to listen to that small voice, greater than myself, what’s inside me too, so I get to know myself better,” Rosander explained. “And I get quiet and listen.”

To purchase Rosander’s music, visit christinerosander.com.