‘The Trump Path’

We learn so much from experience and observation. One can move forward, or one can go backward. We learn from mistakes, or repeat them. We embrace success, or experience failure.

Going the path of the Left is insanity. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. It is foolish to repeat ineffective actions … and Democratic policies are ineffective. Look at California.

Donald Trump has been triumphant pointing out the “old failed” policies of the Democratic Party; tax, and spend, class warfare, re-distribution of wealth, racial divisiveness. They have fooled the American people with the illusion of unity and promises of success.

Many Conservatives applaud the appointment of Neil Gorsich and Brett Kavanaugh to our Supreme Court. I commend our president for rebuilding and strengthening our military. He is the first president in 50 years to challenge China. I am pleased we confronted the Iranian Regime and rejected the nuclear deal made by the Obama Administration. He also kept his promise to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

More Americans are employed now than ever before in our history. Women’s unemployment rate is the lowest in 65 years. African-American, Hispanic American, Asian-American unemployment have reached record lows. Manufacturing is confident in our future. Do not forget President Trump cut Obamacare’s burdensome, individual mandate; a penalty I never understood.

We are energy independent. Coal exports are up 60% since 2017; an industry Obama wanted to destroy.

President Trump never retreats, he is relentless and he wins. He is a “master brander.” President Clinton noted in an interview: “Trump is good at sensing the emotional landscape of the people he targets.”

Do you want to return to “average” or do you want to be “exceptional?” Do you want to return to high and burdensome taxation? Do you want to restrict energy independence and production? Do you want slow job growth and limited manufacturing? Do you want open borders and continued illegal immigration?

Let us be exceptional and choose to win. Stay on track and move on the Trump path.

Elle Feldman
Pacific Palisades

Calvary Christian School

PPCC continues to appreciate the Post’s coverage of our Land Use Committee (LUC) and Board meetings. However, it’s important to clarify the respective roles of the LUC and Board, as well as the recent actions taken in regard to the Calvary Christian School land use application.

The LUC did not “approve” the proposed project/application, nor did the Board vote to “support” it, as stated in the recent Post article on our October 24 Board meeting.

As with almost all PPCC committees, the LUC is not authorized to act for the Board nor to approve any projects; its role is solely to conduct research and make recommendations to the Board. In this case, the LUC made a recommendation that the Board not object to the project, contingent on a condition involving regulation of concurrent school and church activities.

It did not recommend that the Board approve or support the project, and the Board itself later followed the LUC’s recommendation, taking the position only that it does not object, contingent on the specified condition of approval. See the PPCC position letter at pacpalicc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Calvary-Christian-School-Letter.pdf.

We emphasize that PPCC, like all Neighborhood and Community Councils, does not have authority to “approve” any projects; it acts in an advisory role only vis a vis government officials who are the actual decision-makers for any requested approvals.

PPCC continues to invite the public to attend all PPCC Board and LUC meetings, and participate in discussion about important community matters. To be added to the PPCC email list for receipt of meeting agendas and notices, contact info@pacpalicc.org.

PPCC Officers
George Wolfberg, Chair; David Card, Vice-Chair;
Richard Cohen, Treasurer; Chris Spitz, Secretary